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Everywhere on social media I see crochet gnomes. They’re just so cute that I felt a strong desire to design my own! This little guy is my interpretation of a crochet gnome.
This crochet gnome pattern is a great beginner amigurumi pattern. The gauge isn’t very important for this pattern; being sure that the stuffing isn’t peeking through is key.






3.5mm hook
2.25mm hook used with weight 2 yarn (both used ONLY for the eyes)
Stitch Marker
Tapestry Needle
Polyester Filling
Black and green safety eyes

8.5″/21cm tall


(US Crochet Terms):
single crochet (sc), magic ring (MR), increase (inc), decrease (dec), slip stitch (slst), stitches (sts), Back Loop Only single crochet (BLO sc), Front Loop Only single crochet (FLO sc), foundation single crochet (fsc)
(__,__)x# = repeat the set of stitches that many times.
**Example: (sc, inc)x6 = repeat (sc,inc) 6 times for a total of 18 stitches

About the Pattern

  • Work in continuous rounds
  • Worked in parts. Head, Eyes, Nose, Beard, Hat, Arms, Body, and Feet.
  • Put a place marker to signify the beginning of each round

Copyright: This Gnome crochet pattern was written, designed, and copyright held by, Cozy Crochet. You are not permitted to copy, share, upload or redistribute this pattern in any way, this includes making video tutorials. Personal use only. You may sell products you have personally crocheted from using this pattern. Please credit Cozy Crochet Patterns as the designer if you do sell.  By using this page/crochet pattern you are agreeing to all Terms and Conditions.



Row 1: 6 sc into MR            (6 sts)
Row 2: 6 inc                      (12 sts)
Row 3: (sc, inc)x6               (18 sts)
Row 4: (2sc, inc)x6             (24 sts)
Row 5: 24sc                      (24 sts)
Row 6: (3sc, inc)x6            (30 sts)
Row 7: 30sc                     (30 sts)
Row 8: (4sc, inc)x6            (36sts)
Row 9-13: 36sc                 (36 sts)
Row 14: (4sc, dec)x6          (30 sts)
Row 15: 30sc                   (30 sts)
Row 16: (3sc, dec)x6         (24 sts)
Row 17: (2sc, dec)x6         (18 sts)
Row 18: (sc, dec)x6           (12 sts)

slst and leave a long tail for sewing. Stuff the head

Eyes: Make a total of 2
Row 1: chain 6                                                  (6 sts)
Row 2: sc in second chain from the hook, 4 sc       (5 sts)
Row 3: dec, sc, dec                                           (3 sts)
Row 4: dec, sc                                                  (2 sts)
Fasten off, sew onto head between rows 6 and 9.

Row 1: 4scf, sc into the bottom of the
            scf closest to the hook, 3sc                       (7 sts)
Row 2. inc, 2sc, 2inc, 2sc, inc                                (12 sts)
Row 3. inc, 3sc, inc, sc, inc, 3sc, inc, sc                  (16 sts)
Row 4. 16 sc                                                       (16 sts)
Row 5. sc, dec, 3sc, dec, sc, dec, 3sc, dec               (12 sts)
Row 6. 6dec                                                       (6 sts)

Stuff nose, fasten off, and sew onto head between rows 9 and 12

Row 1: 23 scf, turn                                   (23 sts)
Row 2: ch1, dec, 19 sts, dec, turn                (21 sts)
Row 3-5: ch1, 21 sc                                  (21 sts)

Fasten off, sew edges of beard starting at row 6, going down under the nose, and back up to row 6. Keep 5 sts between the outer edge of the eyes and inner edge of the beard.

Loosley cut 122 strings about 12″ long. Fold the string in half and using the folded part, slst the string onto each st of the beard and on the edges. It is best to trim and style the beard when the gnome is done in its entierty.

Row 1: 6sc into MR           (6 sts)
Row 2: 6inc                     (12 sts)
Row 3: 12sc                     (12 sts)
Row 4: (sc, inc)x6             (18 sts)
Rows 5-7: 18sc                 (18 sts)
Row 8: (2sc, inc)x6           (24 sts)
Rows 9-12: 24sc               (24 sts)
Row 13: (3sc, inc)x6         (30 sts)
Rows 14-16: 30sc             (30 sts)
Row 17: (4sc, inc)x6         (36 sts)
Rows 18-19: 36sc             (36 sts)
Row 20: (5sc, inc)x6        (42 sts)
Row 21: (6sc, inc)x6         (48 sts)
Rows 22-27: 48sc            (48 sts)

Sew hat onto head after all facial features are sewed onto head.

Hands and Arms: Make a total of 2
*Using the same yarn as the head*
Row 1: 3sc into MR                          (3 sts)
Row 2: 3inc                                    (6 sts)
Row 3: (sc, inc)x3                            (9 sts)
Row 4: 9sc                                     (9 sts)
Row 5: (2sc, inc)x3                          (12 sts)
Row 6: 12sc                                    (12 sts)
Row 7: (2sc, dec)x3                          (9 sts)
Row 8: 2sc, 2dec, 3sc                       (7 sts)
*stuff hand and switch to body colour*
Row 9: 7sc                                      (7 sts)
Row 10: (sc, inc)x3, sc                      (10 sts)
Rows 11-24: 10sc                              (10 sts)
*Stuff arm lightly
Row 25: Fold arm in half and sc 4 across to close

Row 1: 6sc into MR                            (6 sts)
Row 2: 6 inc                                     (12 sts)
Row 3: (sc, inc)x6                              (18 sts)
Row 4: (2sc, inc)x6                            (24 sts)
Row 5: (3sc, inc)x6                            (30 sts)
Row 6: (4sc, inc)x6                            (36 sts)
Row 7: (sc, inc)x6                              (18 sts)
Row 8: (2sc, inc)x6                            (24 sts)
Row 9: (3sc, inc)x6                            (30 sts)
Row 10: 54BLO sc                             (54 sts)
Rows 11-15: 54sc                               (54 sts)
Row 16: (7sc, dec)x6                          (48 sts)
Rows 17-18: 48sc                               (48 sts)
Row 19: (6sc, dec)x6                          (42 sts)
Row 20. 42sc                                   (42 sts)
Row 21: (5sc, dec)x6                          (36 sts)
Row 22. 36sc                                   (36 sts)
Row 23: (4sc, dec)x6                         (30 sts)
Row 24. 30sc                                   (30 sts)
Row 25: (3sc, dec)x6                         (24 sts)
Row 26. 24sc                                   (24 sts)
Row 27. (2sc, dec)x6                         (18 sts)
Row 28. 2sc, 4sc with one arm (passing the hook through both the arm st and the body st), 6sc,
         4sc with second arm, 2sc        (18 sts)
Row 29: 18sc                                  (18 sts)
Row 30: (sc, dec)x6                        (12 sts)
Row 31: 12sc                                  (12 sts)

Sew head to body

Row 1: 6sc into MR          (6 sts)
Row 2: (sc, inc)x3            (9 sts)
Row 3: (2sc, inc)x3          (12 sts)
Row 4: 12sc                    (12 sts)
Row 5: (3sc, inc)x3          (15 sts)
Row 6: (4sc, inc)x3          (18 sts)
Rows 7-8: 18sc                (18 sts)
Row 9: (4sc, dec)x3         (15 sts)
Row 10: (3sc, dec)x3        (12 sts)
Stuff Foot
Row 11: 6dec                   (6 sts)
Cut a long tail and fasten off.
Using a tapestry needle sew through all 6 FLO sts, pulling tight to close. Fasten off again, hiding the tail in the foot. Sew the feet to the bottom of the body in any way that brings you joy.


I hope you enjoyed making this crochet gnome!


Crochet Gnome
Crochet Gnome