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    Puff Flower Tutorial

    Puff Flower Tutorial A crochet puff flower is a hand made poofy flower made out of yarn; they’re made up of puff stitches, slip stitches, and chains. They are usually seen to have 6 petals, but can have more. The…

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    Bobble Stitch

    Crochet Bobble Stitch A crochet bobble stitch is a wonderful beginner stitch to learn. It’s like a cluster stitch and a popcorn stitch. They all have multiple loops on the hook that are joined together by one loop pulled through.…

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    Crochet Chart Symbols

    How to Read a Crochet Chart When I looked at my first crochet chart, I saw a lot of lines that made up a rather lovely piece of crocheted art. I had no idea what any of the symbols meant…

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    Crochet Abbreviations Guide

    Crochet Abbreviations Guide When first learning to crochet, reading patterns and seeing a crochet abbreviation can feel rather daunting. However, it’s a necessary skill to know to read and understand crochet patterns. Crochet charts on the other hand are different…