Crispy Marshy

Crispy Marshy

Crispy Marshy is a part of the Marshmallow collection. It’s the marshmallow that’s slightly burnt but mostly toasted.

For me, this marshmallow depicts the perfect campfire marshmallow! Toasted but a little crispy and ooooh sooo gooey on the inside!

This little fella is a wonderful crochet project for anyone looking at working on their colour changing.

This little marshy is a fabulous day project if you’re looking for a quick and easy project to get back into your crojo!


Any Weight 4 Yarn in colours:

  • Dark Brown (DB)
  • Light Brown (LB)
  • White (W)
  • Pink
  • Black

2.25mm hook
Tapestry Needle


Height: 1.5 inches

Width: 2.5 inches

Depth: 3 inches



US Crochet Terms

  • Single Crochet (sc)
  • Magic Ring (MR)
  • Increase (inc)
  • Stitch(es) (st or sts)
  • Decrease (dec)

About The Pattern

The pattern is worked in continuous rounds.

Their are NO turning chains at the beginning of any rows/rounds.

All tails are hidden in the body.

The colours change according to the the abbreviations seen in the materials list (DB, LB, and W).
The only ones not abbreviated are the pink and black yarns. This is because they aren’t used in the body construction. The pink and black are used only for embroidering the blush and smile.

If you make any mistakes while doing the written colour work, don’t worry! It’ll blend-in in the end. The most important thing in this pattern is making sure your stitch count is correct every row/round.

Copyright: This crochet pattern was written, designed, and copyright held by, Cozy Crochet. You are not permitted to copy, share, upload or redistribute this pattern in any way, this includes making video tutorials. Personal use only. You may sell products you have personally crocheted from using this pattern. Please credit Cozy Crochet Patterns as the designer if you do sell.  By using this page/crochet pattern you are agreeing to all Terms and Conditions.

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Row 1. DB 7sc into MR  (7sts)

Row 2. DB 7inc             (14sts)

Row 3. DB sc, inc; LB (sc, inc)x2; DB (sc, inc)x4 (21sts)

Row 4. DB 2sc, inc, 2sc; LB (inc, 2sc)x2, DB (inc, 2sc)x3, inc (28sts)

Row 5. DB (3sc, inc)x2, 2sc; LB sc, inc; DB 3sc, inc; LB 3sc; DB (inc, 3sc), inc, sc; LB 2sc; DB inc (35sts)

Row 6. DB 4sc, inc, 2sc; LB 2sc, inc; DB 4sc, inc, 2sc; LB 2sc; DB inc, 4sc, inc, 3sc; LB sc, inc, 4sc, inc (42sts)

Row 7. LB 2sc; DB 3sc, inc, 5sc, inc; LB 5sc; DB inc, (5sc, inc)x2; LB (5sc, inc)x2 (49sts)

Row 8. LB 6sc, inc, 2sc; DB 4sc, inc; LB (6sc, inc)x3; DB 4sc; LB 2sc, inc, 6sc, inc (56sts)

Row 9. LB 12sc; DB 3sc; LB 24sc; DB 10sc; LB 7sc (56sts)

Row 10. LB 17sc; DB 2sc; LB 8sc; DB 2sc; LB 10sc; DB 10sc;
LB 7sc  (56sts)

Row 11. LB 4sc; DB 2sc; LB 12sc; DB 2sc; LB 8sc; DB 2sc; LB 16sc; DB 3sc; LB 5sc;
W 2sc  (56sts)

Row 12. LB 8sc; W 3sc; DB 2sc; LB 3sc; W 2sc; LB 6sc; DB 2sc; LB 7sc; W 4sc; LB 2sc; W 5sc; LB 1sc; DB 2sc; LB 3sc;
W 5sc (56sts)

Row 13. W 1sc; LB 4sc; DB 1sc; LB 1sc; W 5sc; LB 3sc; DB 2sc; LB 3sc; W 4sc; LB 4sc; DB 2sc; LB 6sc; W 4sc; LB 4sc; W 3sc; LB 6sc; W 3sc.    (56sts)

Row 14. W 4sc, LB 1sc, DB 1sc, LB 2sc, W 6sc, LB 1sc, DB 3sc, LB 2sc, W 7sc, LB 1sc, DB 5sc, LB 3sc, W 4sc, LB 4sc, W 3sc, LB 2sc, DB 1sc, LB 1sc, W 5sc. (56sts)

Row 15. W 5sc, LB 3sc, W 3sc, LB 1sc, W 3sc, LB 3sc, DB 1sc, W 7sc, LB 3sc, DB 5sc, LB 1sc, W 4sc, LB 4sc, W 5sc, DB 1sc, LB 1sc, DB 1sc, LB 3sc, W 2sc.   (56 sts)

Insert the eyes in between rows 12 and 13. Place them wherever you like as long as they’re 6sts apart. I count out 8sts then insert the first eye in the first stitch I counted and the second eye in the 8th stitch I counted.

White yarn only 

Row 16. 56sc 

Row 17. (6sc, dec)x7 (49sts)

Row 18. (5sc, dec)x7 (42sts)

Row 19. (4sc, dec)x7 (35sts)

Row 20. (3sc, dec)x7 (28sts)

Row 21. (2sc, dec)x7 (21sts)

*Stuff the body*

Row 22. (sc, dec)x7   (14sts)

Row 23. 7dec             (7sts)

Cut long tail for sewing, fasten off. Sew the hole closed.

Using pink yarn embroider the blush marks.

Using black yarn embroider the smile.

All tails should be hidden in the body of the marshmallow.