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Crochet BeePaw


Crochet Beepaw

This is BeePaw. BeePaw is from a kids TV show called True and The Rainbow Kingdom. BeePaw is one of 3 wishes that was given to True in the first episode of the 4 season series. BeePaw was a super helpful wish for True! When True and Bartleby needed help keeping rhythm to try to cheer up Bingo Bango,  BeePaw was the wish for the job!

BeePaw keeps rhythm by bouncing up and down between the base of its feet and the red and white ball.


Any Weight 4 Yarn in colours

  • Red
  • White
  • Blue

3.5mm hook
Tapestry Needle
Polyfill Stuffing
6mm safety eyes

I highly recommend using this yarn for your BeePaw Project (or any project you’re working on)


Height: 11 cm or 9.5 inches

Width: 6 cm or 2.25 inches

Depth: 6 cm or 2.25 inches


US Crochet Terms

  • Single Crochet (sc)
  • Magic Ring (MR)
  • Increase (inc)
  • Stitch(es) (st or sts)
  • Decrease (dec)
  • Back Loop Only (BLO)

About The Pattern


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The character design belongs to Home Plate Entertainment Guru Studio and not me. However, I am the sole creator of this crochet pattern.

The pattern is worked in continuous rounds.

(__,__)x# rep = repeat the set number of stitches that many times.

**Example: (sc, inc)x6 means repeat (1 sc, 1 inc) 6 times for a total of 18 stitches.

Copyright: This crochet pattern was written, designed, and copyright held by, Cozy Crochet. You are not permitted to copy, share, upload or redistribute this pattern in any way, this includes making video tutorials. Personal use only. You may sell products you have personally crocheted from using this pattern. Please credit Cozy Crochet Patterns as the designer if you do sell.  By using this page/crochet pattern you are agreeing to all Terms and Conditions.

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Top Knob

Using Red Yarn

Round 1. 6sc into MR        (6 sts)
Round 2. 6inc                  (12 sts)
Round 3. 12sc                  (12 sts)
Round 4. (sc, inc)x6rep     (18 sts)
Round 5. 18sc                  (18 sts)

Change to White Yarn

Round 6. BLO 18 slst        (18 sts)
Round 7. BLO 18sc           (18sts)
Round 8. 18sc                  (18 sts)
Round 9. (sc, dec)x6 rep   (24 sts)
Stuff the knob
Round 10. 12sc                (12 sts)
Round 11. 6dec                (6 sts)
Round 12. BLO 6sc          (6 sts)
Rounds 13-17. 6sc            (6 sts)

Cut the red yarn but, continue to the body section of the pattern.


I did NOT cut the white yarn, I carried it over to the white part of the body. You can cut the white if you’d like but it’s not necessary. As long as you leave enough length between the bottom of the knob and the first part of the white of the body.  


Continuing from where the knob was left off.
Change to Blue Yarn

Round 18. 6inc                 (12 sts)
Round 19. (sc, inc)x6rep    (18 sts)
Round 20. (2sc, inc)x6rep (24 sts)

Change to White Yarn

Round 21. BLO 24 slst              (24 sts)
Round 22. BLO (3sc, inc)x6rep  (30 sts)
Round 23. 30sc                        (30 sts)

Change to Blue Yarn

Round 24. BLO 30 slst             (30 sts)
Round 25. BLO (4sc, inc)x6rep (36 sts)
Round 26. (5sc, inc)x6rep         (42 sts)

Change to White Yarn

Round 27. BLO 42 slst (42 sts)
Round 28. BLO 42sc    (42 sts)
Rounds 29-33. 42sc     (42 sts)

Add Safety Eyes To Round 31 – 5sts are in between the eyes

Round 34. (5sc, dec)x6rep (36 sts)
Round 35. (4sc, dec)x6rep (30 sts)
Round 36. 30sc                (30 sts)
Round 37. (3sc, dec)x6rep (24 sts)
Round 38. (2sc, dec)x6rep (18 sts)
Stuff the Body
Round 39. (sc, dec)x6rep   (12 sts)
Round 40. 6dec                (6 sts)

Cut a long tail for sewing, fasten off, sew hole closed, and hide tail in body/.


Make 2

Starting with White Yarn

Round 1. 6sc into MR (6 sts)
Round 2. 6sc             (6 sts)

Change to Red Yarn

Round 3. BLO 6 slst   (6 sts)
Round 4. BLO 6sc      (6 sts)

Change to White Yarn

Round 5. BLO 6 slst   (6 sts)
Round 6. BLO 6sc      (6 sts)

Cut long tail for sewing, fasten off, sew each legs to the white bottom of BeePaw’s body.

Finishing Touches

Remember to look your piece over for any loose tails, those can be hidden within the body.

Using black embroidery floss or black lace/1 weight yarn and add a cute smile to BeePaw.

Blush marks can be added for extra cuteness, but that is totally up to you! 

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Shim Shim