Bobble Stitch

Crochet Bobble Stitch

Bobble Stitch

A crochet bobble stitch is a wonderful beginner stitch to learn. It’s like a cluster stitch and a popcorn stitch. They all have multiple loops on the hook that are joined together by one loop pulled through.  

The bobble stitch is one of my favorite stitches. It’s simple, really fun to play with, and it’s basically a half-completed double crochet each time.  Until it’s time to pull a loop through all the loops on your hook.

Bobble Stitch Steps

1. Yarn over and insert hook into stitch space.

Bobble step 1

2. Pull a loop through and yarn over again. Pulling through the first two loops on your hook.

Bobble Crochet Stitch step2

3. Yarn over, insert your hook into the same stitch space, pull a loop through.

Bobble Stitch step3

4. Yarn over again and pull a loop through the first 2 loops.

Crochet Stitch step3

These 4 steps are repeated a total of 5 times for 6 loops on your hook. Once 6 loops are on your hook you will yarn over and pull a loop through all 6 loops on your hook. Single crocheting into the next stitch.

Bobble step5

Cozy Thoughts

A bobble stitch can be used in so many creative projects. Some popular projects are shawls, sweaters, blankets, bags, and children’s toys.

They add wonderful texture and can be used to express words or pictures. Many bobble stitch blankets are one of the 3, texture, words, or a picture. With the combination of bobble stitch and single crochet, the texture can vary from back-to-back bobbles, staggered bobbles, or structured bobbles. All of which produce magnificent visual effects.

Word and picture blankets generally only have one single crochet in between bobbles. However, if comparing it to a shawl then you would have a more varied outcome. Depending on the shawl pattern it could be back-to-back bobbles or more spread out with the use of multiple single crochets.