Pinterest Gnome

Basic Gnome

With this sweet little gnome you can dress it up any way you’d like! Make this little fella and you’ll have a gnomie for life!

Add a little cuteness to any table or under any mug with this adorable crochet giraffe coaster!

Need a cute little desk companion to keep you company? Then this little cutie is just for you!

Panda is the first of the My Lil’ Sweeties Amigurumi collection.

Dress up your amigurumi with these adorable accessories!

Need a Pokemon buddy to take on adventures with you?

Then this adorable little crochet Rowlet is just the Pokemon for you!

Scrunchie Bow

Add a little pazazz to any hair tie with this adorable crochet hair bow. A fantastic project for beginner crocheters looking at learning a new stitch.

Need a snuggle buddy? This cute little gnome is always ready for a snooze!

Spruce up any room with this pencil holder. It adds a lovely touch of creativity to any home.

This is also a great gift for all ages!

This little bear is the perfect gift for any child or bear lover.

The beginner friendly design is a wonderful beginner amigurumi pattern.