Picot Pencil Holder

Picot Pencil Holder

Picot Pencil Holder

When I was first learning to crochet 13 years ago my mom and I went to a crafting fair and I saw this beautiful crochet rainbow hat. I knew nothing about crochet let alone how to crochet a hat.

Being brand new to crochet I couldn’t get the hang of the magic loop or the single crochet, but the determination was there. I was so determined to make a rainbow hat that I kept retrying over and over again and again.

Until the yarn started to fall apart. Once that happened I put the beautiful ball of rainbow yarn into my closet and didn’t touch it again… Until now!

13 years later, and a lot more crochet knowledge and skills. I bring you a picot pencil holder!This yarn in particular, holds a place near and dear to my heart. It’s not the rainbow hat I set out to make but, is now a pencil or marker holder for my daughters.

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45g of any weight 3 yarn

2.25mm hook

Place Marker


Height: 3.2 inches (8cm)

Width: 4.4 inches (11cm)

Depth: 2.9 inches (7cm)


US Crochet Terms

  • Single Crochet (sc)
  • Magic Ring (MR)
  • Increase (inc)
  • Stitch(es) (st or sts)
  • Front Loop Only (FLO)
  • Back Loop Only (BLO)

About The Pattern

The pattern is worked in continuous rounds.
Their is NO turning chains at the beginning of any rows.
The pattern consists of 2 main stitches. Single crochet and picot stitches.
You will also notice that rows 11, 15, 19, 23, and 27 are repeated twice. first with the Front Loops only then a second time with Back Loops only. This is done so the picot stitches are more pronounced and so no yarn is needed to be cut.

(__ sts) and (__picot) = the total number of stitches in that row.

(__,__)x# = repeat the set of stitches that many times.

**Example: (sc, inc)x6 means repeat (sc,inc) 6 times for a total of 18 stitches.

Copyright: This crochet pattern was written, designed, and copyright held by, Cozy Crochet. You are not permitted to copy, upload or redistribute this pattern in any way, this includes making video tutorials. Personal use only. You may sell products you have personally crocheted from using this pattern. Please credit Cozy Crochet as the designer if you do sell.  By using this page/crochet pattern you are agreeing to all Terms and Conditions.


Row 1. 6sc into MR           (6sts)

Row 2. 6inc                     (12sts)

Row 3. (Sc, inc)x6            (18sts)

Row 4. (2sc, inc)x6           (24sts)

Row 5. (3sc, inc)x6           (30sts)

Row 6. (4sc, inc)x6           (36sts)

Row 7. (5sc, inc)x6           (42sts)

Row 8. (6sc, inc)x6           (48sts)

Row 9. (7sc, inc)x6           (54sts)

Row 10. (8sc, inc)x6          (60sts)

Row 11. FLO(2sc, ch3, slst in 1st ch)x30 (30picot 60sts)

Row 11. BLO 60sc             (60sts)

Rows 12-14. 60sc              (60sts)

Row 15. FLO sc, ch3, (2sc, ch3, slst in 1st ch)x29 (30picot 60sts)

Row 15. BLO 60sc            (60sts)

Rows 16-18. 60sc              (60sts)

Row 19. FLO(2sc, ch3, slst in 1st ch)x30 (30picot 60sts)

Row 19. BLO 60sc            (60sts)

Rows 20-22. 60sc            (60sts)

Row 23. FLO sc, ch3, (2sc, ch3, slst in 1st ch)x29 (30picot 60sts)

Row 23. BLO 60sc           (60sts)

Rows 24-26. 60sc            (60sts)

Row 27. FLO(2sc, ch3, slst in 1st ch)x30 (30picot 60sts)

Row 27. BLO 60sc           (60sts)

Inside Pencil Holder
Pencil Holder Bottom