Puff Flower Tutorial

Puff Flower Tutorial

A crochet puff flower is a hand made poofy flower made out of yarn; they’re made up of puff stitches, slip stitches, and chains. They are usually seen to have 6 petals, but can have more. The petals that are on the puff flower are made up of puff stitches. 

The more puff stitches you have the more petals you have; the less puff stitches you have the less petals you have. The same can be said for the puffiness of your puff flower. The more loops you have for the petal, the puffier it will be.

The puff stitch in itself is very versatile. Depending on how much puff you want your puff stitch to have will depend on how many loops you put onto your hook. This puff flower tutorial has 13 loops that will be held together with a single slip stitch (holding slst). With any puff stitch it’s important to have loose loops, if your loops are too tight it’ll be increasingly difficult to pull your holding slst through.

How do you crochet a puff flower?​

To begin making a crochet puff flower you make either a magic ring, or you can chain 4 and slip stitch into the first chain. Doing this connects the first and last chain making it into a ring.

Magic Ring
Chain 4 SlSt

With this ring, you’re going to single crochet into it. It’s at this point where you’ll want to decide on how many petals you want your flower to have.

For this tutorial I’ve gone with the standard 6 petals, but you can do anywhere between 5 and 10 petals. Let your creativity fly! 

Once you’ve added your single crochets into the circle, I’ve done 6, you’re going to slip stitch into the first single crochet and chain 2. The chain 2 is the beginning of the puff stitch which will begin to make up your puff flower petals. 


To make the puff flower, you’re going to do a double crochet, yarn over and pull a loop through the single crochet that you slip stitched into. Instead of finishing off the double crochet like you normally would, you’re going to make sure your loops are loose, and pull the yarn up to the height you want your petal to be.

Extended Double Crochet

You’re then going to repeat this step 5 more times for a total of 13 loops on your hook. 

13 Loop Petal

It’s very important that the loops on your hook are loose. If they’re too tight it’s going to be much harder to pull the hook through all the loops. Even with the loops being loose you still need to wiggle the hook through the loops in order to not catch on any loops.

Once you’ve done this you’re going to want to yarn over and pull the yarn over through all the loops on your hook, then you’ll chain 2 and slip stitch into the next single crochet. 

First Puff Petal

Then repeat again until all the single crochets you made have puff stitches on them.

All 6 Puff Petals

Once you come to the final puff stitch, you make it like all the others, but you slip stitch the last chain 2 into the first single crochet.

Back of Puff Flower

Cut the yarn to have a medium length tail, pull the loop so the tail can be pulled to close the slip stitch fastening it off.

Final Puff Flower SlSt

The tail can either be weaved in, left for sewing, or just left to hang out. The finishing depends on what you’re using the puff flower for.

Crochet Tip!

Don’t like sewing or weaving in ends?

Check out the braided crochet puff flower stitch or the Mollie Flower stitch

How many petals are in a puff flower?

As many petals as you want. Most commonly puff flowers are made with 6 petals, but there are patterns with 5 petals, 8 petals, and even 10 petals. It all depends on your personal preference and how you want your flower to look. The more petals you have the wider your flower, and  the bigger the circle hole will be.

The amount of single crochets you add to the circle at the beginning is how many flower petals you’ll have on your finished puff flower, so it’s important to have an idea in mind when you begin 

Differing Puff Flower Petals

Example of varying Petal Amounts on Crochet Puff Flowers

From Left to Right: 5 Petals, 6 Petals, 7 Petals, 8 Petals, 9 Petals, 10 Petals

making your flowers. It’s not a very good feeling to be half way or even a quarter of the way through a project and decide you’ve changed your mind on how you want the end product to look.

Why crochet a puff flower?

A puff flower is a beautiful way for a crocheter to practice their puff stitch. Puff stitch flowers are very versatile. They can be sewn onto already made projects to add extra cuteness, texture, or 3D effects. To make an entire project out of puff flowers you’ll have to make lots and lots of puff flowers and sew them together. This can be rather tedious depending on the size of the project, but it can also be very satisfying and relaxing. Personally, I find making puff flowers very satisfying, they’re very easy to make (once you get the hang of it) and they’re very cute. 

What Yarn Should You Use for/with a Crochet Flower Poof?

The different yarn is indicative to the final size of the puff flower. If you’re wondering about what hook size to use with a Crochet Poof Flower the hook size should either correlate with or be 1 or 2 size smaller than the recommended hook size used with the yarn.

Different weights can be mixed with together to give different Puff Flower effects. A heavier weight yarn in the center and a lighter weight yarn on the petals gives a larger center and smaller petal effect.

Where as heavier yarn weight on the petals and lighter weight yarn on the center give a larger petal and smaller center effect.

Examples of Mixed Yarn Weights

Left Flower: Petals have weight 3 yarn and the center has worsted weight yarn.

Right Flower: Petals have worsted weight yarn and the center has weight 3 yarn.

What can you use a puff flower for?

Puff flowers can be used to make many things. A few things are scarfs, pillows, blankets, bags, cardigans, and it can add a 3D element to different projects. Some projects can be amigurumi, or blankets.