Rowlet Pokemon

Rowlet Pokemon

Crochet Rowlet Pokemon

Rowlet is one of my favorite pokemon, so naturally I wanted to make a crocheted Rowlet.
Rowlet is a seventh generation pokemon who was released in 2016; and, is one of 3 starter pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon and in Legends: Arceus.

This super cute crochet rowlet pokemon is a wonderful faithful little buddy. That’ll be with you through any battle you face in life.

Have fun crocheting this rowlet pokemon!


Any Weight 4 Yarn in colors:
Light Brown, Orange, White, Black, and Green
3.75 mm hook
White Embroidery Thread
Sewing needle
Tapestry Needle


Height: 3.5 inches
Width: 3.5 inches
Depth: 3.25 inches


US Crochet Terms
Single Crochet (sc), Magic Ring (MR), Increase (inc), Stitch(es) (st or sts), Decrease (dec), Place Marker (pm), Back Loop Only (BLO), Front Loop Only (FLO), Foundation Single Crochet (fsc)

About The Pattern


This pattern is for personal and non-profit use ONLY. Distribution of this pattern by means of profit making i.e. reselling or manufacturing, is prohibited. Do NOT sell the pattern itself or any resulting products from the use of this pattern in any way shape or form on any social media platform, custom work, or commission requests.

This is an intermediate crochet pattern.

The front and back wings are worked on the front loops of row 17 on Rowlet’s body.

Copyright: This coaster crochet pattern was written, designed, and copyright held by, Cozy Crochet. You are not permitted to copy, share, upload or redistribute this pattern in any way, this includes making video tutorials. Personal use only. You may sell products you have personally crocheted from using this pattern. Please credit Cozy Crochet Patterns as the designer if you do sell.  By using this page/crochet pattern you are agreeing to all Terms and Conditions.



Uses Light Brown yarn and White yarn.

Starting with Light Brown

6sc into MR (6 sts)
Row 1. 6inc   (12 sts)
Row 2. (sc, inc)x6 repeat (18 sts)
Row 3. (2sc, inc)x6 repeat (24 sts)
Row 4. (3sc, inc)x6 repeat  (30 sts)
Row 5. (4sc, inc)x6 repeat  (36 sts)
Row 6. 36sc (36 sts)
Row 7. (5sc, inc)x6 repeat (42 sts)
Row 8-16. 42sc (42 sts)
Row 17. BLO 42sc (42 sts)

*Switch to white yarn*
Row 18. 42sc (42 sts)
Row 19. (5sc, dec)x6 repeat (36 sts)
Row 20. 36sc (36 sts)
Row 21. (4sc, dec)x6 repeat (30 sts)
Row 22. 30sc (30 sts)
Row 23. (3sc, dec)x6 repeat (24 sts)
Row 24. (2sc, dec)x6 repeat (18 sts)
Row 25. (sc, dec)x6 repeat (12 sts)
Row 26. 6 dec (6 sts)

Stuff the body, then fasten off leaving a long tail.

Using a tapestry needle pull the long tail through all 6 sts, pulling the tail tightly to close the hole. Fasten off and hide the tail in the body.


Back White part:
Make 2, using a PM to mark the beginning st:

6sc into MR (6 sts)
Row 1. 6inc (12 sts)
Row 2. 2sc, 2inc, 4sc, 2inc, 2sc (16 sts)
Row 3: 3sc, inc, sc, inc, 5sc, inc, sc, inc, 2sc (20 sts)

When joining the 2 white circles do NOT cut and fasten off the second white circle.
Instead 4sc through both the white circles, past the PM, joining the 2 circles together.

*IMPORTANT! Be sure to check that the white circles are lined up nicely before joining them*

Front Black part:
Make 2

Row 1. 6sc into MR  (6 sts)
Row 2. 6inc              (12 sts)

Cut long tail for each circles, sewing them to the middle circle parts of the back white part.


The nose is worked in 2 continuous parts.

First start with orange.
Row 1. sc, inc, ch, turn.
Row 2. inc, sc, inc, ch, turn

*Switching to white*
Now for the second part with white.

Row 3. 5sc, turn
Row 4. dec, sc, dec

Fasten off. cut a long tail, and sew in between the eyes.

Rowlet Nose

Front Wings

Using the same light brown as the body.
Start with the loop directly under the middle of the white of the eye (on the body row 17 where the front loops are showing.

Row 1. 7sc in the front loops, turn.
Row 2. 7sc, turn.
Row 3. dec, 3sc, dec, turn.
Row 4. dec, sc, dec, turn.
Row 5. dec, sc.
Fasten off, cut tail, and weave end through the wing. 

The second wing will be done the same as the first wing. 6sts between the first st of the first wing. 

Back Wings

Using the same light brown as the body.
slst in the last st of the front wing on row 17 of the body.

Row 1. sc in the same place as the slst, 10sc in the FLO, turn.                      (11 sts)
Row 2. 11sc, turn                    (11 sts)
Row 3. inc, 10sc, turn             (12 sts)
Row 4. 12 sc, turn                   (12 sts)
Row 5. inc, 11sc, turn             (13 sts)
Row 6. dec, 9sc, dec, turn      (11 sts)
Row 7. 11 sc, turn                   (11 sts)
Row 8. dec, 7sc, dec               (9 sts)
Row 9. dec, 5sc, dec               (7 sts)
Row 10. dec, 3sc, dec             (5 sts)

Fasten off and weave tail into the wing.

Repeat the same rows for the second back wing.

Rowlet Wing

Bow Tie

Using a green coloured yarn.

Row 1. 5 fsc*                           (5 sts)
Row 2. 2inc, 4sc.                      (8 sts)
Row 3. sc, hdc, 2dc, hdc, sc.      (6 sts)
Row 4. 5fsc*                            (5 sts)
Row 5. 2inc, 4sc.                      (8 sts)
Row 6. sc, hdc, 2dc, hdc, sc       (6 sts)

slst, and fasten off, cut a long tail. sew the top of both sides of the bow to Rowlets’ body.

Please see the photos below for extra row guidance if needed 🙂 Each row is identified by a different colour.

*Note. In the first row you’ll be crocheting on the opposite side of the 5Fsc. If you don’t know, or don’t want to do foundation chain. ch6, sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, and then crocheting on the opposite side (into the chains, opposite side to the sc), and then proceed with the rest of the pattern.

Bow Row1

Row 1

Bow Row 2

Row 2

Bow Row 3

Row 3

Bow Row 4

Row 4

Bow Row 5

Row 5

Bow Row 6

Row 6

Back Green Part

Row 1. Ch4, sc in the 2nd ch from
             the hook, 2sc                     (3 sts)
Row 2. 3inc                                      (6 sts)
Row 3. 2sc, 2inc, 2sc                      (8 sts)
Rows 4-6. 8sc                                  (8 sts)
Row 7. (dec, sc) x2 repeat, dec    (5 sts)
Row 8. 5sc                                       (5 sts)
Row 9. dec, sc, dec                         (3 sts)
Row 10. 3sc                                     (3 sts)
Row 11. dec, sc                               (2 sts)
Row 12. dec                                     (1 st)
Fasten off and sew between the 2 back wings.


Toes – Make 4
Row 1. 6sc into MR (6 sts)
Rows 2-4. 6sc          (6 sts)

Fasten off and cut yarn for only 2 of the toes.


Rowlet Feet

Foot – Make 2
After making the second toe don’t cut the yarn.
Row 1. Ch1, sc into the first st of the second toe, 5sc, 1sc into the ch, 6sc, 1sc into the ch       (14 sts)
Row 2-4. 14 sc             (14 sts)
Fold the top of the foot in half and 4dec through both loops across.

Sew the feet to the bottom of Rowlet.